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What are the benefits of using banq as a payment processor?


There are many benefits to leveraging banq as your payment processor.

  • Set up an account in minutes and start collecting money instantly, whether you are a corporation, sole proprietor, or independent contractor.
  • We do not sell, trade or give your information to anyone, ever! There are no social feeds and no search feature, so your business remains private. 
  • We continually update the banq app based on your feedback and industry best practices, with new updates every few weeks.
  • Add unlimited additional accounts with the click of a button for separate store locations, cash registers, apartment units — or anything else you want a separate ledger to keep you organized.
  • View ledger of all transactions for each individual account, and download a .csv file of transactions to easily add to your accounting software, so end-of-year bookkeeping is a breeze.
  • View all of your business accounts and spaces under one single login.
  • Give each account a name so customers can easily find it and pay. Or you can override the name that shows up in the transaction details, for total privacy.
  • Easily pay vendors, contractors, and others via P2P, wire, check and ACH (may vary by industry).
  • Collecting rent checks through recurring payments, pay, payment link, and get paid is as easy as snapping your fingers.
  • Tag payments and purchases so you know exactly where your money moves, making GL organized like never before.

For a complete list of benefits for business accounts, visit here.


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