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How do I set up a business account?


Setting up a business account is easy! You can either set up a business account in the account creation flow when setting up your first account, or from the home screen if you've already set up your first account.

If you're setting up your first account, the flow will guide you to a screen that asks what kind of account you'll be setting up. Select Business, and then select what kind of business you are. If you are an LLC, Corporation, Partnership, Non-Profit, or Organization, select the top option. If you are a Sole Proprietor, Independent Contractor, or starting an account for your Personal Side Project, select the bottom option. 

If you've already set up an account, tap the plus sign for "Add Account". From there you'll be presented a screen to either add a business or personal account. Select Business, and choose the appropriate option for you. 

For more information on what documentation you'll need for business accounts click here.

For more information on what perks business account users have access to, click here


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