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How do I use payment links?


You use payment links to pay and get paid! 

If you're looking to get paid, you can choose to send a Get Paid link during the payment flow. After that, you have the option to share your link via text, Slack or other social platforms. Get Paid links are multi-use, so they can be shared and used over and over again. 

If you're looking to pay, you have a few different ways of paying via payment link. A merchant can send you a payment link, and clicking that link will guide you through the payment process. Alternatively, you can create your own payment link and have the recipient click that link to receive your payment. 

Bear in mind that you need to keep your payment link secure once it's been created. If someone else clicks on your link and claim the payment, they will receive those funds. A payment link is not tied to anyone's account specifically. 

Payment links expire after 48 hours, so if it expires, you'll need to create a new one. 


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