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Can I let another person manage my banq account?


Yes, banq supports this: it's called authorized users!

You can give another person (hopefully, that you trust) the authority to be an admin of, or view, your Spaces.

You don't have to show everything, though. If you only want to give access to (for example) your CPA for your business Space, but not your personal spending (because you're spending a lot on coffee)—well, you can do that!

To add an authorized user to any Space or account:

  1. Tap Settings, the three dots on the bottom left of the app.
  2. Select the Space you want, then tap "Authorized Users."
  3. Then add your user! You don't even have to know their name: you can write whatever you want to call them in the text field.
  4. Select their role:
    1. View only: View the account's balance and ledger
    2. Admin: This person can do everything—they get total control. Manage users, withdraw, pay, get paid, the whole gambit. 
    3. Coming soon: Pay & Get Paid: This person can make and receive payments, as well as view the account's balance and ledger. 
    4. Coming soon: Get Paid Only: This person can get paid to the account, and view the account balance and ledger. 
  5. Send the invite via whatever messaging app you use to communicate with your buddy. 

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